Big Data Integration & Analytics

Get a clear and unified view of data

The solutions offered by DataRiver are based on the MOMIS system and they enable you to get a clear and instant view of company data by integrating ERP, CRM, DataWarehouse and Database systems with external data sources such as Market Analysis, Social Network, Open Data and geographical data. The analysis of Big Data allows companies to understand their data and improve decision-making, production and forecasting processes. In public administrations, the integration with public databases (Open Data) provides a timely monitoring of social and environmental phenomena, as well as of labour market and public finance.

Who is it for?

Production and service companies of all production sectors

The solutions for Big Data integration and analysis enable Managers, Commercial Managers, IT Managers, Security Officers, Production Managers and Logistics Managers of the Ceramics, Mechanical, Logistics sectors, including Consulting Services and Facility Management, Global Services, as well as the Biomedical and the Pharmaceutical industries, to gain the following competitive advantages:
• Understanding data and monitoring promptly  the business processes and services provided to customers
• Optimizing strategic decisions, control activities and production processes
• Analyzing company performance compared to competitors and market trends
• Making future forecasts through comparison with market, socio-economic data of competitors

Public Administrations and institutions on a local, national and international level

The solutions for Big Data integration and analysis enable Senior Administrative Officials and Managers of Public Administrations, such as Regions, Provinces, Municipalities, National and Local Agencies, Consortiums, to gain the following advantages:
• Precise monitoring of social, environmental health, labour market and public finance phenomena
• Optimization of strategic decisions and control activities
• Performance analysis of the different departments
• Future forecasting by comparing market-related, environmental, health and socio-economic Open Data.


Integrating heterogenous data

The Open Source system MOMIS is able to integrate semi-automatically heterogeneous data sources, both structured and unstructured (Big Data), letting you understand their data through a clear and unified view.
The discovery of relationships between the data occurs by exploiting the semantics wired in the data sources and applying techniques of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Big Data integration and comparison

Getting a unified and clear view

The integration of ERP, CRM, DataWarehouse and Database systems with external data sources such as Market Analysis, Social Networks, Open Data, lets you get a clear and unified view of the information, while discovering new information and keeping it updated in real-time. Data integration enables you to optimize strategic decisions, monitor the performance of different departments and make forecasts by comparing market, socio-economic, environmental and competitors data.


Big Data Analysis

Improving strategic decisions

The Big Data analysis carried out by MOMIS Dashboard lets companies understand their data so they can improve strategic decisions, optimize production processes, monitor social and socio-economic phenomena in a precise way and make predictions through advanced analysis techniques based on Machine Learning.



Case studies


Energy Community Data Platform: Big Data platform for intelligent monitoring of local energy communities (ECDP)


Helping to verify administrative anomalies and the usability of the services provided by integrating information systems


Youth Policy: analysing the state of younger generations in Emilia Romagna by integrating Open Data

Engineering Company

Smart Tool: Industry 4.0 web platform for remote monitoring of devices installed on mechanical production lines (Smart Tool)


Smart Mould: an Industry 4.0 web platform for collecting, analysing and monitoring ceramic moulds


i-Tile Analytics: an Industry 4.0 web platform to optimize warehouse management and freight transfer flows

Open Data Jobs

Open Data Lavoro: a web application for analysing and monitoring labour-related public data

Italian FSHD Registry – MIOGEN LAB

Italian FSHD Registry: a web platform for the integration and analysis of Big Data in clinical research

Fondazione Italiana Linfomi

Clinical Trials Monitoring Tool: web and mobile platform for a unified integration and analysis of clinical trials data


Cosmoline Monitor: an Industry 4.0 web platform for monitoring and preventive maintenance of cosmetic machines


Facility Management Monitor: a Cloud platform for managing and monitoring Facility Management and integrated services


MCRee Turkey: a prediction tool based on statistical treatment of clinical Big Data


Shared Kontrol®: a web and mobile platform for improving decision-making processes and optimizing control activities


Energy Efficiency: a Semantic Search Engine for information on energy efficiency


Cyber ​​Doctor: an Industry 4.0 web platform for the automation and monitoring of tests in the production of dialysis machines

Azienda Ceramica

Business Analytics per generare valore dai Big Data: piattaforma web e mobile per l'ottimizzazione dei processi di vendita

Engineering Company

Energy Monitor / e-Maintenance: Industry 4.0 web platform for monitoring energy consumption and for preventive maintenance of production lines



MOMIS enables you to gain a clear and immediate view of company data through the virtual integration of company information systems with external data sources such as Market Analysis, Social Networks, Open Data and geographical data


A Web and Mobile application for the advanced analysis of business processes, the close monitoring of socio-economic phenomena, the development of predictions through techniques based on Machine Learning