The Company

ENEA is the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, a public law body aimed at research, technological innovation and the provision of advanced services to businesses, public administration and citizens in the sectors of energy, the environment and sustainable economic development.


The Challenge

Design and development of a Big Data platform for the intelligent monitoring of local energy communities that allows:
• the integration and efficient management of data flows from energy communities by exploiting IoT and Big Data technologies
• continuous monitoring of the data flow integration process with advanced flow management functions that allow you to easily add new plants in the energy communities
• Support for decision-making and forecasting processes through the possibility of exporting and analyzing Big Data on energy production and consumption within the Energy Communities, with the aim of encouraging an informed use of energy by users.


The solution

Energy Community Data Platform

The Energy Community Data Platform (ECDP) for the intelligent monitoring of local energy communities allows:
• the efficient collection and management of Big Data generated by sensor networks through numerous protocols optimized for IoT (eg OPC-UA, MQTT)
• semantic integration of Big Data to make data collected from different formats and protocols homogeneous
• to optimize the storage and availability of data collected with hybrid technologies both NoSQL (for historical analysis) and relational (for real time analysis)
• the visualization of the data produced by the data flows of the energy communities at different levels of abstraction and at different levels of granularity / temporal resolution
• continuous monitoring of performance and advanced analysis of historical data through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques



• Efficient management and continuous monitoring of energy flows
• Flexible configuration through advanced flow management features that allow you to easily add new energy community plants
• Display of efficiency indicators for monitoring the data flow integration process
• Export of flow data in customizable formats to facilitate interoperability with third-party applications
• Scalable and flexible Big Data platform used for different ENEA use cases: SelfUser project with the aim of maximizing collective self-consumption based on renewable energy in a condominium; PELL project to optimize the energy consumption of public lighting; GECO “Green Energy Community” European project which aims to make the local energy system more efficient and resilient, focusing on the figure of the prosumer