The Company

Leading company in the production of industrial drilling and milling systems.


The Challenge

Design and development of the Smart Tool web platform for Industry 4.0:
• collecting and managing Big Data generated by sensors installed on the manufactured devices
• continuous and real-time monitoring of device operating parameters (real time data)
• analyzing data generated from the functioning of products to improve quality and reduce production costs
• analyzing historical data to implement predictive maintenance services


The solution

Web Smart Tool Platform

Design and development of a web platform for industry 4.0 that ensures the continuous collection and monitoring of the operating parameters of the devices installed on mechanical production lines (Smart Tool), manufactured by the company and distributed to its customers.

The Smart Tool web platform allows:
• the collection and management of Big Data generated by the sensors installed on the devices
• continuous monitoring of device operating parameters
• real-time analysis of the operating parameters of the devices for setting off alarms and sending notifications to production line supervisors and control systems
• analysis of product operating and wear data to improve quality and reduce production costs
• historical analysis of device operating data to optimize maintenance services and implement predictive maintenance policies



• New range of innovative products and services (Industry 4.0) supplied to the market by the company
• Improvement of product quality and reduction of production costs, thanks to the integration and analysis of Big Data produced by the devices
• Reduction of failures due to mechanical wear of the devices
• Implementation of predictive maintenance services to customers thanks to timely warnings on the state of operation