The Company

For over 30 years on the market, the Ceramics company of the Sassuolo district has been constantly engaged in the search for aesthetic and qualitative excellence.


The Challenge

Design and development of a Business Analytics platform for the sales area and the optimization of sales processes:
• integrating the data present in the various company information systems: ERP, CRM, DataWarehouse and Database
• integrating external data sources: Big Data, OpenData and geographic data
• creating advanced analysis tools based on geographical dimensions


The solution

Business Analytics to generate value from Big Data

Design and development of the Business Analytics web platform that grants a clear and immediate view of company sales data by integrating ERP, CRM, DataWarehouse systems with external data sources such as Big Data, OpenData and geographic data.

The Web and Mobile platform for Business Analytics allows:
• analysis of the data represented on geographical maps (Location Intelligence) – a powerful, immediate way to understand the company
• the comparison of company data with external (open data) market, socio-economic , and competitor-related data
• autonomy and speed in the use of the analysis tool by users
• sharing of key business indicators with the entire company



• Unified and clear view of company sales data
• KPIs of sales performances always updated and shared with the whole company
• Advanced tools for geographic data analysis (Location Intelligence)
• New KPIs on sales performance through the integration with external data