The Company

System Logik offers consulting services and innovative solutions for optimizing business organization and processes in large, medium and small companies. System Logik designs for its customers innovative working methods and models that enable them to become highly reliable, prevent business risks and maintain high efficiency.


The Challenge

Designing and developing a web and mobile platform to provide business managers with a tool to improve decision-making processes, check their implementation and increase company efficiency, by pursuing a high organizational reliability through a participatory control. Requirements:
• Integration with information systems and business management applications
• Letting managers make decisions based on the associated risks (Risk-Based Decision Making – RBDM)
• Work organizaion based on activities and processes (Activity-Based Management – ABM)
• Management of activities through participatory control (Goal Setting Theory – GST)


The solution

Shared Kontrol®

A web and mobile platform created by DataRiver in collaboration with System Logik, providing the managers of the business units with an innovative tool, designed to improve decision-making processes, check their implementation and increase business efficiency, by pursuing high organizational reliability (High Reliability Organization) through participatory control.

The Shared Kontrol® web platform:
• Enables decision-making on the basis of the risks involved, avoiding the dispersion of energies in activities and objectives of lesser economic importance
• Integrates individual activities and responsibilities with collective ones, ensuring consistency of objectives
• Ensures rapid and continuous sharing of the information necessary for decision-making processes
• Simplifies the understanding of the work to be done, facilitates the determination of execution times and the optimization of costs
• Responds quickly to changes in organizational structure, ensuring continuity of work activities



• Improvement in decision-making processes of the organizational units managers, based as they are on related risks
• Optimization and reduction of costs of control activities and their documentation
• Improvement of company efficiency through participatory control