Industrial IoT

Data integration IoT platform

The data integration platform developed in the Industry 4.0 field exploits Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques to analyze data flows from sensors, equipment and industrial machinery. The Industrial IoT platform allows to:
• Efficiently manage Big Data generated by Sensors, supporting both high-level (HTTPS) and low-level protocols (eg MODBUS-TCP, Ethernet-IP, SCADA)
• Integrate data from ERP, CRM and corporate information systems
• Provide a tool for monitoring corporate devices and production processes
• Provide a tool for programming predictive maintenance and Big Data Analytics thanks to the exploitation of advanced techniques of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning



Thanks to personalized notifications and the ability to access the platform from mobile devices, the user can always be updated in real time on customized production indicators.

Automation of the data integration process from production lines, ERP, DW, CRM, Open Market and socio-economic data, exploiting the Semantics.

Flexibility, scalability, performance thanks to the application of Big data processing techniques

Timely detection of malfunctions related to a plant / machinery

Planning through historical analysis of machine operating data

Real knowledge of energy consumption, costs of raw materials and different processes

Reduction of time and costs of business processes


The solutions


Case studies


Energy Community Data Platform: Big Data platform for intelligent monitoring of local energy communities (ECDP)

Engineering Company

Smart Tool: Industry 4.0 web platform for remote monitoring of devices installed on mechanical production lines (Smart Tool)


Smart Mould: an Industry 4.0 web platform for collecting, analysing and monitoring ceramic moulds


i-Tile Analytics: an Industry 4.0 web platform to optimize warehouse management and freight transfer flows


Cosmoline Monitor: an Industry 4.0 web platform for monitoring and preventive maintenance of cosmetic machines


Cyber ​​Doctor: an Industry 4.0 web platform for the automation and monitoring of tests in the production of dialysis machines

Engineering Company

Energy Monitor / e-Maintenance: Industry 4.0 web platform for monitoring energy consumption and for preventive maintenance of production lines