IoT, Big Data and AI: PLEINAIR project presentation at R2B – SMAU

Prof. Paolo Ciampolini, of Future Technology Lab, will be presenting an Industry Research Project named PLEINAIR – Parchi Liberi E Inclusivi in Network per Attività Intergenerazionale Ricreativa e fisica, during the Salute 4.0 workshop at R2B-SMAU (6th of June 2019, Bologna).

PLEINAIR is a project funded by Regione Emilia-Romagna and aims at re-designing and creating urban furniture and recreational equipment that will promote outdoor physical activity in an inclusive environment intended for all age groups. New kinds of urban furniture and playgrounds (OSO – Outdoor Smart Objects) based on IoT and Big Data technologies will be realized, together with Artificial Intelligence (AI) software applications to plan personalized physical exercises and motivational strategies.

PLEINAIR is coordinated by DataRiver and is carried out in partnership with Future Technology Lab (University of Parma), TekneHub (University of Ferrara), il CIRI Scienze della Vite e Tecnologie della Salute (Università of Bologna) and Associazione Italiana Assistenza Spastici research labs, together with SARBA, ERGOTEK and mHealth enterprises.