Building on its experience in the field of clinical data management, in Big Data integration and analysis, as well as in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, DataRiver (certified as CRO by AIFA and accredited as a Research and Innovation Structure by the High Technology Network of the Emilia-Romagna Region) develops software solutions for clinical studies, rare disease and pathology registries, as well as Patient Support Programs (PSP) and solutions for doctor-patient communication and patient monitoring.

Through the INNOLABS H2020 project, DataRiver has developed I-DAP, an innovative Web & Mobile Data Platform for monitoring the safety of medical devices. Data collected through Electronic Data Capture systems are processed through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to perform a multidimensional monitoring of patients, supporting a correct understanding of clinical manifestations and planning personalized care paths and prevention programs. In the medical device sector, safety data are fragmented into several databases, such as hospital records or scientific publications, and there is no integration between sources. Through semantic data integration, the I-DAP platform collects real-time information from public reporting systems, scientific literature, private databases as well as social media, ensuring a continuous surveillance of medical devices and the identification of previously unrecognized adverse events.