Big Data and Machine Learning in MyHealth platform – DataRiver presents IoMT at the “HPC for Industry 4.0” workshop in Milan

On 21 May 2019, in Milano, Eng. Marco Pacchioni (DataRiver) will be presenting MyHealth IoMT Platform: IoT and Big Data in Healthcare at the “HPC for Industry 4.0” workshop organized by Cineca.

At the event that will deal with the relationship between High Performance Computing (HPC), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and visualization, Pacchioni will talk about DataRiver’s experience in the development and production of MyHealth, an Internet of Medical Things platform (IoMT ). Using Big Data and Machine Learning techniques, the platform responds to the need to clinically monitor patients and improve their health and quality of life, through a massive collection of data on physiological parameters and physical activities from wearable devices but also through an effective Doctor-Patient communication.