BI-REX (Big Data Innovation & Research EXcellence) is the first Competence Centre of the Industry 4.0. Plan and was started today in Bologna. The consortium gathers 57 players (Universities, Research Centres and Companies) in a public-private partnership. BI-REX, while rooted in the Emilia-Romagna Region and with activities extending to other Regions, will connect to all the other seven Competence Centres that will be set up in Italy, as well as to the European ones.

The consortium will be at the service of companies, providing them with training, assistance and guidance in the adoption of enabling technologies in Industry 4.0 such as Big Data, Cyber ​​Security, Additive Manufacturing, Predictive Maintenance and Collaborative Robotics, but also training on Industry 4.0 and launching innovation projects, industrial research and experimental development.

DataRiver is one of the founders of BI-REX and functions as a Technology Provider in this scenario, providing innovative tools and solutions for the integration and analysis of Industry 4.0 Big Data.