The Company

Weflex is a leading company in the design and implementation of warehouse logistics solutions, with a high technological and innovative content. Its mission is the optimization of the logistics sector, focusing on efficiency, on improvement of the quality of work and on safety. More than 50 plants are installed all over the world.


The Challenge

Designing and developing a unified web platform to optimize warehouse management and freight transfer flows between different customer locations, requiring:
• The integration of Big Data from 8 information systems (Warehouse Management System and Real Time Locator System) installed at different customer sites that do not communicate with each other
• A continuous and real-time monitoring of warehouse performance and freight transfer flows (real time data)
• The analysis of historical data to optimize warehouse management performance


The solution

i-Tile Analytics

Designing and developing a web platform for industry 4.0 enbaling the integration and unified analysis of data coming from different information systems for the management and optimization of warehouses in the ceramic field.

The i-Tile Analytics web platform enables:
• The integration and unified analysis of the data of the ceramic warehouses in the various sites
• A real-time monitoring of product inventories, warehouse capacities and all warehouse performance KPIs
• A real-time monitoring of the flows of freight transfers between the production plants and the warehouses in the various locations
• A historical analysis of warehouse management performance
• The data integration and data analysis with company information systems (ERP)



• Optimization and control of ceramic warehouses in different locations through a unified view
• Advanced tools for Location Intelligence
• New KPIs on production processes, warehouse management and sales between the various company information systems