The Company

The Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo is an excellence of the Milan metropolitan area. Starting off as a city of the housing boom and quickly rising as the industrial city of the Milanese hinterland, since the 1990s Cinisello Balsamo has undergone new changes: the need to redevelop its area and providing the city with increasingly modern services has replaced the construction thrust.


The Challenge

Designing and developing a data integration system, capable of aggregating all the information generated and maintained by the Authority processes:
• A unified platform for demographic services, citizen support (SUAP), and construction (SUE)
• Improving the territorial services provided to citizens, professionals, institutions and businesses
• Providing new KPIs that use geolocation to identify new information on the municipal land (land registry, topography, mobility)


The solution

PA platform

Designing and developing the PA platform web platform based on the Open Source MOMIS framework. This tool can display data without intervening on the sources and maintaining visibility restrictions for each type of user.

The web platform enables:
• Searching for concepts contained in the data sources and notate them
• Building a specific ontology for the public administration
• Building  a common knowledge base and querying of the same
• Releasing it as a web service and making the common knowledge base queryable via API



• Solution for measuring the citizens quality of life
• Evaluation of the type of services provided and identification of factors that influence usability
• Verification of administrative anomalies
• Improvement of Data Quality