The Company

A pharmaceutical multinational, leader in biotechnology, strongly research-oriented and with a pioneering vision in the field of health due to its skillfullness in combining both diagnostic and pharmaceutical excellence.


The Challenge

Development of an advanced forecasting tool for the commercial area of ​​the pharmaceutical company, based on the integration and statistical analysis of clinical data (Big Data).


The solution

MCRee Turkey

Designing and developing a web and mobile platform for predicting the incidence of oncological diseases in specific geographic areas. The forecasting tool, based on the integration and statistical processing of clinical data (Big Data), was developed in collaboration with researchers from the Cancer Registry of Modena and the Angela Serra Association for Cancer Research.

The MCRee Turkey Web platform features:
• the integration and analysis of clinical Big Data available in the various databases with geographical data
• the processing of disease incidence predictions through statistical analysis of clinical and geographical data
• the geographical analysis of the cases expected for the single diseases through dynamic and navigable maps (Location Intelligence)
• an advanced analysis of the cases expected for different pathologies  filtering by age group, sex and histological type code (IARC classification)
• the visualization of statistical projections through graphs and dynamic tables
• the export of search results in Microsoft Excel format



• Optimization of sales policies in specific geographical areas thanks to advanced analysis based on Big Data
• Detailed monitoring of the trends in the incidence of different diseases
• Reduction of costs for sales and marketing of products