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Part 1: Project Creation and Sources Upload

Part 2: Sources Annotation

Part 3: Annotation Advanced

Part 4: Semantic Relationships Extraction

Part 5: Mapping Refinement 1

Part 6: Mapping Refinement 2

Part 7: MOMIS Query Manager

Query Manager Web Interface

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    10/04/2017 DataRiver is officially a CRO

    On Monday, the 10th of April 2017, DataRiver has been certified by AIFA as CRO (Contract Research Organization), in accordance with the Italian Ministry of Health Decree DM 15/11/2011. DataRiver

    02/11/2016 SPARK Health and Wellness

    November, 7th Mirko Orsini (DataRiver CEO) will take part in the first SPARK meeting, focused on the topic of Health and Wellness, that will be held