IBM Business Partner

IBM Business Partner
Data Integration

The integration of internal business data with external informations, such as
Big Data, Market Analysis, Social Networks, Open Data allows company to:

  • Discover new information, updated in real-time
  • Understand their data through an integrated and unified view of data sources
  • Improve decision-making, production and forecast processes,
    optimizing costs and time effort

Projects developed using the open source data integration framework MOMIS are:


Business Analytics to generate value from Big Data

Web application based on open source softwares providing a unified, clear view of enterprise data sources through the integration of ERP, CRM, DataWarehouse and Databases with external sources as Big Data, Open Data, Geographic Data and Location Intelligence data.

  • Data presented on maps: a powerful, clear tool to understand your company
  • Comparison of corporate data with open external, market, socio-economic and competitors data
  • User autonomy in the use of the instrument of data analysis in a timely manner
  • Key business indicators shared within the company
Semantic search engine – Energy Efficiency

Semantic search engine designed to find information on energy efficiency in documents, Web Sites, File Systems, Databases and heterogeneous data sources, based on the Open Source framework Apache Solr

  • Features for search by keyword, geographical location, category and user type
  • Semantic search browsing the network of concepts in source documents
  • Multilingual search feature: find documents in English searching Italian terms and vice versa
  • Customizable ranking of documents in the results page
OpenData Lavoro

Web application for analysis and monitoring of public data (Open Data) related to job market in the Municipality of Bologna

  • Integration of heterogeneous public databases (Open Data) to provide a unified view of information related to the job market
  • Dashboard with KPI displayed in clear, concise dynamic charts and graphs
  • Location Intelligence: data displayed on maps providing a powerful and immediate way to understand the information
Trial Monitoring Tool

The Open Source MOMIS Dashboard System has been used in the Trial Monitoring Tool project developed for the FIL (Fondazione Italiana Linfomi, the Italian Lymphoma Foundation) to create a web platform and an app for iOS and Android that monitor the performance of more than 30 clinical trials hosted on three different software applications.

  • Unified view of enterprise data and external data sources
  • Search and monitoring of aggregated data from external, heterogeneous and distributed sources
  • View report on maps and dynamic charts
  • Security and data visibility management based on roles and user groups
  • Export of reports in Microsoft Excel or PDF file format
“CyberDoctor” – GAMBRO

Cyber Doctor system is a web application designed in collaboration with the network partners to automate testing on dialysis machines produced by Gambro

  • Planning and execution of long duration automated test (24×7)
  • Web application for real-time monitoring of test results
  • Big data management
  • Integration with systems for machine test execution, verification and validation, currently used by production and quality control departments
Monitoring of Facility Management services

Web application for Facility Management services monitoring based on Google Cloud framework

  • Full control in the execution of Facility Management services
  • Compliant with smartphone, tablets and other mobile devices requirements
  • Monitoraggio of batch progress status
  • Optimized management of control paths
  • Advanced features for reporting by order, period and batch
Shared Kontrol®

Web and mobile application developed by DataRiver in collaboration with System Logik to provide business managers with a tool based on a rigorous and original working method, designed to improve risk-based decision making, monitor workflows and hence increase business efficiency, pursuing the high reliability organization through the shared control.

  • Allows managers to make risk-based decisions, avoiding to waste efforts in activities of lower economic importance
  • Integrates individual and collective activities/responsibilities, ensuring the consistency of company purposes
  • Ensures fast and continual sharing of information necessary for decision making
  • Simplifies the understanding of work activities, the estimation of execution time and the optimization of costs
  • Allows a responsive adjustment to changes in management structure, ensuring the continuity of ongoing activities
cosmoline dashboard
Cosmoline Dashboard

System for remote monitoring of a distributed network of devices for cosmetic treatments

  • Historical analysis of devices’ operating data to implement a predictive manutention policy
  • Analysis of devices usage data for customer profiling and planning of marketing campaigns
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    07/09/2017 DataRiver at the 3rd RTSI International forum

    DataRiver will attend the third Research and Technologies for Society and Industry (RTSI) International Forum, held between the 11th to the 13th of September 2017 at the Enzo Ferrari