The skills that the company offers are concerned to these topics:

  • Databases: Design and optimization of software applications based on commercial and open-source DBMS platforms
  • Data Integration: design and development of software solutions based on the open-source MOMIS system to integrate heterogeneous and distributed databases
  • Optimization of data integration projects by means of semi-automatic mapping between databases, taking advantage of semantics in data sources (automatic annotation)
  • Data Warehouse, Data Mining and Business Intelligence : design and development of tools for data analysis and reporting in heterogeneous, distributed environments
  • Web database: design and development of data intensive web database applications
  • Design and development of web portals for managing and collecting data from clinical trials
  • Systems and techniques for the statistical analysis of clinical data
  • Semantic search engines on dynamic websites and heterogeneous data sources; automatic annotation of data sources and browsing the network of concepts in documents allowed; Search by Keyword, Geographical and Thematic Categories
  • Business Analytics to generate value from Big Data; systems to integrate business information (ERP, CRM, DW) with external data sources like Big Data, Open Data and Geographic data; comparison of company data with external market, socio-economic and competitors data; easy sharing of business key indicators within the company
  • Web application for analysis and monitoring of public data (Open Data); integration of public heterogeneous databases (Open Data); Dashboard with Key indicators (KPI) that displays concisely the information through charts, dynamic tables and maps (Location Intelligence)
  • Design and development of web portals to collect and manage data in clinical trials
  • Web and mobile applications for integration and statistical processing of clinical data, providing search features and trend monitoring on aggregated data displayed in tables, charts and maps
  • Design and development of web and mobile software environments to collect, test, manage and validate clinical data


Instrumental Resources

DataRiver makes use of virtual or dedicated servers rented from the WebFarm Aruba SpA and Hetzner AG to manage the company website and web portals developed for customers. Research, analysis, software development, business intelligence, clinical data management and data integration activities carried out by DataRiver may be managed using dedicated servers and laptop PC. The use of dedicated servers rented from an external WebFarm ensure high reliability and lower costs of ownership, while retaining all the guarantees of confidentiality. The progress of the various projects is monitored with a custom management software. The most important Open Source CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is used to monitor negotiations and relationships with customers.

    07/09/2017 DataRiver at the 3rd RTSI International forum

    DataRiver will attend the third Research and Technologies for Society and Industry (RTSI) International Forum, held between the 11th to the 13th of September 2017 at the Enzo Ferrari