My Smart Age with HIV

My Smart Age with HIV (MySAwH) project is an innovative mobile and IoMT framework designed and developed to extend the traditional healthcare infrastructure, providing patient monitoring and support outside the hospitals.

The increasing number of aging HIV-infected persons comprise a unique population at risk for illnesses and syndromes traditionally associated with the elderly. As a result, similar to the current need for primary care providers to manage chronic non-infectious co-morbidities among aging persons with well-controlled HIV infection, HIV clinical care will intersect routinely with geriatric medicine in a new HIV geriatric discipline.


MySAwH platform provides solutions to these issues through the:

  • Collection of patient’s data from multiple and heterogenous devices
  • Continuous patient monitoring, leveraging data from wearable and mobile devices
  • Integration, analysis and real-time insights of the collected data
  • Health coach support to establish a direct communication channel with patients through an integrated secure chat system
  • Patient’s empowerment and quality of life improvement, through statistics on health status and progress indicators and tips for a better lifestyle displayed directly on user’s smartphone

    07/09/2017 DataRiver at the 3rd RTSI International forum

    DataRiver will attend the third Research and Technologies for Society and Industry (RTSI) International Forum, held between the 11th to the 13th of September 2017 at the Enzo Ferrari