Clinical Data Management

DataRiver offers services and software solutions for clinical data management concerning the design and development of clinical trials, disease registry management,  the elaboration of clinical data surveys and statistics compliant with sensitive data security and confidentiality requirements.

Mobile Health Data

DataRiver Patient Engagement and Mobile data capture solution is a mobile App and Web Application to collect and integrate patient clinical data for Clinical Research and Healthcare providers.
The software application allows to:

  • automatic data collection from mobile and wearable devices
  • integration with Hospital and Research Clinical Data sources
  • empowerment of patient through self-assessment of health indicators
  • Patient Reported Outcomes Data (PRO) trough mobile devices
  • innovative communication strategies with the caregiver coaching
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Clinical Trials Monitoring Tool

DataRiver Clinical Trials Monitoring Tool is a web application based on the open source virtual integration system MOMIS. It provides an immediate and attractive user interface to view and monitor data without affecting the sources and maintaining visibility constraints for each type of user. The software application allows users to:

  • view heterogeneous and distributed data on aggregate tables, charts and maps;
  • monitor trends and run queries on aggregate data;
  • export reports to Microsoft Excel or PDF files.

DataRiver Clinical Trials Monitoring Tool was successfully adopted by FIL (the Italian Lymphoma Foundation) as a unified monitoring and reporting system for more than 30 clinical trials hosted on 5 different software platforms.

Clinical Trial Management

DataRiver delivers an Electronic Data Capture (EDC) System, based on the popular open source web platform for Clinical Trials OpenClinica™. In order to provide the highest quality solution to the Customer, DataRiver joined in 2014 the OpenClinica Partner Program.

Main system features are:

  • Careful management of security and confidentiality of data;
  • Quick setup of Clinical Trials, thanks to the library of modular forms that can be easily customized and reused;
  • No software license fees;

The software application supports:

  • different type of clinical trials on the same software application instance;
  • accurate control on data access, set through a detailed user-roles management;
  • rules definition to check and validate clinical data directly on the input;
  • general overview of study trends on patient enrollment and data capture perspective;
  • data import and export in widely distributed file format as Excel, SPSS and CDISC.


Disease Forecasting Tool

MCRee Turkey is a forecasting tool based on clinical data statistical processing, developed by DataRiver in collaboration with researchers from the Cancer Registry of Modena. The web application allows users to view statistical projections of lymphoma cases expected in Turkey for 2015, calculated by population, incidence of each disease and selected search parameters.

Main system features are:

  • Search and filter data by province, age, sex and histotype, coded according to the IARC classification;
  • Display data in bar charts, tables and on a map of Turkey that shows a bubble chart with geolocated estimations of expected cases, distributed by province;
  • Export results in Microsoft Excel format;
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Pathologies and Rare Diseases Registry Management
Cancer Registry

DataRiver provides assistance to several Pathologies and Rare Disease Registries in the Mediterranean area and develops management software applications that allow users to:

  • manage database with hundred thousand patients and clinical data records;
  • manage data access security through customized user accounts;
  • validate and process data according to the control methodology developed in close collaboration with Cancer Registries and of other pathologies;
  • import and export data;
  • create statistical reports on clinical data.
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    07/09/2017 DataRiver at the 3rd RTSI International forum

    DataRiver will attend the third Research and Technologies for Society and Industry (RTSI) International Forum, held between the 11th to the 13th of September 2017 at the Enzo Ferrari